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Fishing in Kluane

fishing KathleenLake

Fishing in Kluane Country will amaze you. It's second to none! Numerous picturesque rivers and lakes within walking or short driving distance from the Lodge, offer you world-class spin-cast or fly fishing.

Kluane National Park and Yukon Territorial fishing licenses are NOT available at this location.  Please stop in Haines Junction at Fas Gas, the Territorial Building,  the Fish and Wildlife office or Kluane National Park office for your license requirements.

Within a 1/2 km walking distance, the Kathleen River runs crystal clear and boasts an excellent population of grayling and rainbow trout--an angler's dream come true.

Kathleen Lake is only 1 km away. There are many accessible spots for casting from the shoreline. By boat, you can travel in many directions to find that "secret spot" where the trout are biting.

Dezadeash Lake is a short drive away. Here, lake trout and pike are often caught on both spoons and flies.

These untouched, clear and cold waters support fish populations that are easy to catch and delicious to eat.